Alice in Wonderland

Alice no País das Maravilhas

Alice no País das Maravilhas vai dominar o mundo. Cada vez surgem mais coisas sobre o novo filme do Tim Burton e está em TODOS os lugares.

Alice in Wonderland is all over the world. Each day we see more things about the new Tim Burton’s movie and is absolutly EVERYWHERE!

Look how cute:

1-  Swarovski earrings

2- Swarovski necklace

3- Tiffany & Co. keys

4- Swarovski necklace

5- Rabat bracelet



2 pensamentos sobre “Alice in Wonderland

  1. “Alice in Wonderland” is, however, certainly no bad film. The sloping to the otherworldly, to the Bizarre, which shows up in the bacchantal forms of the landscapes and dolls, was expenditure-provoked here nearly up to the maximum. Over the whole “Setting” a kind mourning seems permanent of being appropriate for Trostlosigkeit and Deprimiertheit from out of horrid legends burgeoning forth from the foul and pestulent district of the Rhine. Accursed river!! Nearly each figure – as well as the two “leading actors” -and the living dolls are total freakshows of Nature if you can believe me- works besides rather meticulously & repulsively.

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